Torix and Constantine

What's Yours is Mine

You have a friend in us. In fact, three friends.

In the Red Cafe, Boss Misha leavesthe conversation with Boss Kramer begins.

Kramer: I believe you gentlemen wanted to say something to me?

Constantine and Mara: Um… Let's go back to your place.

CvR: Yea let's go back to your place, we're talking about some sensitive stuff-

MvR: And we wouldn't want the rabble to um… overhear

Torix: Seriously though…

CvR: This information is pretty, um… deep. And uh… Bernard…

All: Peace be upon his name…

BK: So you want to go to my quarters?

TvR, CvR and MvR: Yes!

BK: Then let's adjourn to my quarters.

T, C and M: Aiight.

The group walks along several catwalks and takes an elevator service to get to floor 37, where the upper lobby of The Mountain Suite is located. Boss Kramer has rented out one of their better rooms, with multiple beautiful marble-floored bathrooms, a huge plush bed, and ornate furniture. The meeting resumes there.

BK: Alright, so, boys, whaddyou have to tell me?

TvR: Well first off, Kramer, this is an amazing room. Much nicer than my place in Kallipolis…

CvR: What, with Shelby?

TvR: Yes, Shelby lives there with me and it's just… no… anyways…

CvR: It appears to us that the workforce you had before, these "underlings" are being phased out it favor of human workers correct?

BK: Yes?

TvR: We established that…

CvR: Well it seems a little suspicious doesn't it?

TvR: Moreover, why?

BK: I believe a rationale was given.

CvR: But isn't it odd that you now have a workforce that isn't necessarily under your control? Violet could stop the entire Dwarven industrial machine with snap of his fingers.

BK: Yes, I am aware of this.

MvR: Don't you want to do something about it?

BK: Well, I was hoping you three would uh, talk to the Union leader.

TvR: I suppose we could get around to that.

CvR: We have a contact, yes…

 Kramer lays out that he would like for the Arbiters to indetify the leader of the Union and convince him to reveal himself to the Board. That way, the Union and the Board can present a united dwarven front to Kaiset Violet and the rest of Fortuna. "Fritz" asks if an accompanying purge of Violet sympathizers would be in order, but Kramer thinks that would not be necessary. 

MvR: Even Yelsin? This crazy doctor we talked to said he's in Violet's pocket.

BK: Which doctor?

MvR: Doktor Pavlov.

BK: Oh, I've met that guy.

MvR: Ah well… um…

At least ten seconds of awkward silence follow, then Kramer speaks.

BK: Well, spit it out!

Constantine says they ought to just go visit the Union leadership then, whoever that is. Torix then asks how Violet came to be trusted by the dwarves. Kramer responds.

BK: Well, how did Violet get me into a position of power.

TvR: I don't know.

BK: Exactly. I don't know either.

All laugh, but are nervous at the same time.

They establish that the members of the Board have been profitting from the turn of events. Mara speculates that the dwarves might attempt betrayal first, but it appears Violet has the upper hand by a longshot. Constantine again says they should go talk to the Union leader. Torix, as Sebastian, thanks Kramer for his help and commends his position and level-headedness. Kramer says it's nothing, just that his position is precarious and he can't afford to be any bit anti-dwarf at all.

 BK: Youuuu thiree! You three! I want you three to find the Union leader and get him to expose himself to the Board of Osk so we may unite as a nation! Do you understand?

Trio: Yes, we will be on our way. May the grace of Bernard, Peace be upon his name, watch over you. See you at the meeting tomorrow.

 They decide that the next thing to do is find Victor Krushchev, as he would probably know about the Red Dwarf. As usual, he finds them first, this time on floor Minus 5. They run into him next to a peculiarly colored fountain, which smells like rust and chocolate.




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