Boss Mikhail "Boss Misha" Kasparov

Industrialist Overlord


The brothers happened upon Mikhail Kasparov, the dwarf industrialist, when they were investigating the disappearance of drug runners for the elf druglord Alphonse Delacroix. After a failed assassination attempt by the brothers and Cassius Kramer he imprisoned the brothers and offered a partnership to Kramer in Misha's fledgeling drug trade. The brothers were then forced to kill Peter Novak and Alex Rothko, as well as serve Misha in illegal pitfighting.

Boss Misha rose into financial significance after Violet’s rise to power. Misha earned his place on the Board of Osk by selling explosives and running several successful mining operations.

When Torix, Constantine, and Mara made it to Osk, they got a profile on Boss Misha from Doktor Pavlov. Pavlov told them that Misha was the average dwarf boss, but was the only one to oppose the Red Trek policy towards the underlings. During the meeting of the Board, Misha was constantly at odds with Kramer. He also spoke of his dislike/hesitation towards the Red Trek policy. After the meeting, Kramer, Misha, Arcangelo, Torix, Constantine, and Mara met up in the Red Cafe to talk. Kramer was intent on threatening and possibly killing Misha, but the Arbiters were forced to diffuse the situation to keep up appearances. Misha kept trying to make a deal with Kramer, and at one point mentioned trading for some poppy seeds. Torix caught on immediately and knew that Misha was once again trying to take control of the opium trade. After he called Misha out on it, Kramer was able to force Misha to treat him with more respect. Misha nodded to the “Arbiters” in approval. After some scouting and fact-finding, Torix, Constantine, and Mara found out that boss Misha was sending some of his explosives directly into the Zonne to support the insurgency there. They were pleasantly surprised by Boss Misha’s anit-Violet attitude.

Boss Mikhail "Boss Misha" Kasparov

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