Edward "Sly Eddy" Gordon


A Bookclub employee who worked with “Brutal Mark”, and worked in a team very similar to that of Torix and Constantine. Sly Eddy approached the brothers after their second bookclub battle at the library. He attempted to lure the brothers behind a piece of wood that had been used as a barricade, but before he could spring the trap on them, the brothers had already decided to attack. In the ensuing battle, he was able to down Torix, but was downed himself soon after by Constantine. Constantine was able to make a compromise with Brutal Mark in which Torix and Eddy would be revived if the van Rijns would go willingly with the two mobsters to the Librarian’s office. The duo of duos made their way to the fountain district, where they parted company with each other.

TnC saw Eddy and Mark a second time as they fled Eisenreich via river of sewage. Eddy filled TnC in on what the Kaiser had done to them and the Book Club.

While Mara and TnC were making their way through the forest of the Zonne, they encountered Eddy and Mark a third time. This time, the pair of former mobsters were getting high off of opium. TnC were able to convince Eddy and Mark that they were real, and they started talking about Eisenreich. Eddy told them about how Violet had nearly eliminated organized crime in Eisenreich, putting him and Mark out of a job. They were staying in one of the Librarian’s summer homes, and they offered the trio a place to stay. Knowing full well that he was high, Eddy asked if he and Mark could join thier crew on the Chasing Oblivion when they found the ship. In order to get Mara and TnC past the guards and into Merlot (where they were staying), Eddy snuck into the town and bought some clothes to disguise them. He walked right up to Lieutenant Hoffman once the trio was disguised and was so obnoxiously high that Hoffman didn’t even ask questions, he just let everyone inside. Constantine remembered the trick for next time. The next morning Eddy and Mark were free of the effects of the opium, so TnC had to refresh their memory of what was going on. Eddy told them about his and Mark’s plan to kill Lieutenant Hoffman and start a guerrilla campaign in the Zonne. They had stolen enough explosives to make it possible, and even loaned some to TnC. Constantine gave Eddy and Mark their old Penumbra uniforms to gain infamy and irritate Violet. As Mara and TnC left Merlot, they saw Eddy and Mark in the uniforms strangling Lieutenant Hoffman.

Edward "Sly Eddy" Gordon

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