Jim Mueller


Jim Mueller was a native of Tasch. He was roughly Torix-sized. He allowed the brothers to stay in his house over night. They told him their names were James (Torix) and Morrison (Constantine) White. They also explained that they were leaving from Eisenreich becuase they were trying to get away from the new Kaiser and his government. Mueller volunteered to travel with TnC to Westhaven as their navigator. After they were forced to take on Red and Maslow as passengers, TnC had to stop to try to catch some fish (presumably to eat). Once TnC fell unconcious from the potent liquor that Red and Maslow used in the drinking contest, Jim was beat over the head with a stick by the two musicians and taken down the river. When TnC got to Westhaven, they heard that a foreigner had gotten into some trouble with the Book Club. They presumed that this was Jim, and they turned out to be right. They found Jim tied up in Fletcher’s music shop after they negotiated their deal with the Book Club. JIm demonstrated solid leadership on the ship, and was basically the first mate (TnC were joint captains). Before TnC got the cannons off of the Chasing Oblivion, Jim told them that he and the crew wanted to get the Oblivion out of harms way. TnC reluctantly let them take the ship to make for the East Stromm. Jim was now captain of the ship.

Acting Captain Mueller successfully completed his task of getting the Oblivion into the East Stromm and meeting back up with Torix and Constantine. Their welcome back meal was a nice piece of steak.


After Torix, Constantine, and Mara earned the trust of the Board of Osk by posing as diplomats from Kallipolis, the crew split apart on two different missions. Mueller was in a group with Torix, Constantine, Mara, Puggy van Bastian, and Liev Bronstein. Their mission was to travel to Volgostol and asses the situation of the underlings while the other group traveled to Eisenreich to scout things out.

Jim Mueller

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