Crow's Nest Moe

Moe Sullivan, Pirate


One of Black Henry's crewmen. He was stationed in the crow's nest, and usually stayed up there according to Henry. During the fight between Black Henry's crew, Moe sided with TnC/Seamus followers. He and Shotglass Alderman double-teamed Rudy two-fingers and smashed his head against the counter of the bar. Crow's Nest Moe joined TnC's crew and assumed his post in the crow's nest of the FMS Chasing Oblivion. When the got to Quixote, Moe and the rest of the crew stayed onboard to reduce the shock to the elves there. After establishing their credit, TnC let the crew on shore leave. When they got to Artagnan Moe stayed with Jim, Meursault, and Fletcher on the ship. When the battle started they asked if they could take the ship out of harms way and rendezvous with TnC along the West Strohm.


When Mara and TnC met back up with the Chasing Oblivion, they had a few things to clear up with Crow's Nest. Torix climbed up Crow's Nest and took a seat next to Crow's Nest. He asked him about Farid, Khalid, Wahid, and Prospero. Crow's Nest didn't know who they were, contrary to what the elves had said. He said that he and some others were recruited after four men left the Derelict Saint. He gave them a little more information about the history of the Derelict Saint. By now Constantine had joined Crow's Nest and Torix, and he asked about Vincent Violet. The name wasn't familiar, but Crow's Nest perked up after they said that Violet was good with knives. He told them about how early after recruitment he was on watch with Rudy the Compass. Out of nowhere, he and Rudy were attacked by this boy who used a knife with deadly skill. Rudy lost three of his fingers (becoming two-fingers instead of the Compass), and Crow's Nest lost his eye. There was a whole new level of loyalty to TnC after hearing that the man that they were after was the man who had taken his eye.


After Torix, Constantine, and Mara earned the trust of the Board of Osk by posing as diplomats from Kallipolis, the crew split to do two missions. Crow’s Nest was in a group with Arnie Hoffman, John Meursault, and Clide Fletcher to scout things out in Eisenreich before the other group got back from their mission in Volgostol.

Crow's Nest Moe

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