Captain Black Henry

Henrick Lombard, Captain of the FMS Derelict Saint


A powerful pirate captain who held considerable power within Westhaven. An enemy to Mad Seamus. TnC were sent on his trail by Seamus, and met up with him in Big Joe's tavern. They offered their services to him, but he said his crew was perfectly able to do whatever he wished. Except for killing Mad Seamus. TnC formulated their plan then and there, and went back to Seamus to discuss it. They were able to stir up old loyalties in Henry's crew, and took him on outside of Joe's tavern. Half way through the battle, Henry burst into the tavern and saw that part of his crew had turned against him. He fought with TnC, and was killed by Torix, who made a leaping charge over a billiards table and slashed him with his fullblade while Constantine had him distracted.

 Evidently he was the first mate of the Derelict Saint when Prospero used to be a pirate. Back then he was called "Crazy Henry". He became Captain after Captain Black John disappeared.

Captain Black Henry

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