Jean Veritas

Drug Lord


When TnC asked Alphonse Delacroix if there was any competition that he was faced with in Quixote, he told them to look for Jean Veritas. It took some doing, but TnC found his "headquarters". They barged in, and Veritas was angry that humans had barged in on their business. Constantine played it off like he and Torix had been given the wrong set of directions. They left and closed the door behind themselves. TnC put their ears to the door to see if they could eavesdrop on their "business". At first it was all of the elves in the building talking about how strange humans were. Eventually Veritas returned them to the business and they said something about "taking action on Thursday". TnC didn't really know what this meant, but seeing as how they were militant sepratists, they figured it was something to do with the Parliamentarians who had just moved to Quixote. Before TnC took Jacques Danesti for a walk, Veritas and some of his men were standing outside the bar Hazy Barrel. He told TnC that they had something that they wanted to sell to him, behind the bar. Torix wasn't really sure what they were planning, but he knew that it would probably end with a fight.

 It turned out the man wanting to fight wasn't Jean Veritas, but instead Alleman Vallejo, one of his subordinates. The brothers schooled Vallejo in the art of efficient combat and moved on.

Jean Veritas

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