John Meursault



TnC first met John Meursault in Big Joe's tavern. He explianed to them his theory about how it would be possible to sail around fortuna by way of the Sea of Storms, through the Sea of Torrents. This course would take you to the east coast of Fortuna. TnC were skeptical, but he did offer them a sure way out of Westhaven and Hommeland. After securing their way to acquiring a ship, they took Meursault with them when they walked around Westhaven. When TnC fought Black Henry and Monocle Mel, Meursault stood off to the side and watched. After their long (and successful) voyage around Fortuna, Meursault directed them to the village of Quixote in La Isla Este in Alfenne. The Elves there disliked Meursault even more than they did TnC. Not wanting to reveal that Torix could speak elvish, they used Meursault as their translator. Eventually Torix had to use his elvish to gain the trust of Officer Horatio DeLeon, so Constantine told him to go back to the ship. Torix gave the crew shore leave, and Meursault went with the rest of the crew to The Hazy Barrel. He was sent back to the ship to get some rest with the rest of the crew when TnC heard about the sepratist plan for Thursday. When he heard about Mara he made the brothers promise they would introduce him to her.

Mara and TnC found Meursault in the prison of New Kaspargrad. He had been caught stealing from Boss Kramer’s personal stock. TnC didn’t reveal who they were at first, wanting to give Meursault a scare. He got pretty scared, then they revealed who they really were. Meursault immediately focused on Mara, who seemed uninterested in him. TnC managed to get him out of the prison with a well-crafted falsehood. Meursault led them all to the Chasing Oblivion, and continued to hit on Mara all the way there.


After Torix, Constantine, and Mara earned the trust of the Board of Osk by posing as diplomats from Kallipolis, the crew split apart on two different missions. Meursault was in a group with Clide Fletcher, Crow’s Nest Moe, and Arnie Hoffman. Their mission was to scout out Eisenreich while the other group did their mission in Volgostol. Mara was in the other group, and Constantine made some comment about Meursault switching into that one so he could be with Mara. He took it like a man, and said that he wouldn’t because he knew when a woman was not interested. He didn’t want to harass her into liking him…or killing him.

John Meursault

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