Corporal Ross

Soldier in the Rainy Desert


One of the officers deployed in the siege of Artagnan. TnC were able to get safely behind enemy lines during a ceasefire, and Constantine managed to convince Corporal Ross and the engineering team operating one of the artillery devices that he and Torix were inspectors sent by Kaiser Violet. Constantine duped the Corporal and the team into teaching them how to operate the artillery. Once their cover had been blown, TnC fought their way over to the artillery and engaged the engineers and Ross. They drove them off, and Corporal Ross presumably survived the siege while away from the front lines.

TnC, along with Mara, encountered Corporal Ross a second time after attempting to re-enter the camp outside of Bhangra Baba. Corporal Ross was able to confirm for the presiding lieutenant that the destruction had been the handywork of Torix and Constantine.

Corporal Ross

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