Doktor Pavlov


Doktor Pavlov is a psychologist who works and lives on the science level of Osk. The entrance to Doktor Pavlov's lab was a psychological test. Their steam cart had rotated onto the roof of the tunnel, and Mara, Torix, and Constantine hung over a dark hole. They could hear something ticking, and they decided to drop. They fell for a second or two and landed on a board attached to several springs. Doktor Pavlov had been waiting to see how long it would take for them to let go and recorded the results from his stop watch on a histogram. Mara handed him the cylinder that Doktor Cerenkov had given them, and Dokotr Pavlov subjected them to a series of tests (apparently those were the instructions on the paper that came out of the cylinder).

The first test was a reaction test in which they were each given a ball which was connected to a machine and they were told to watch a screen where images were to be projected. After the last one, the screen was pulled up and there was an underling with half of his skull missing behind it. Torix dropped his ball and reached for his longsword.

Pavlov had more tests to do. He put them in a room that had two doors on it. One lead out, and they were told the other one had an underling rigged to a machine that would cut off his fingers behind it. Pavlov said he would ask them a question. If they answered it wrong he would cut off a finger. If they got three right, however, he would give them information.  They missed two before getting three right. Then they asked Pavlov about the Bosses. He gave them some information in exchange for the story of Kallipolis. He let them go after that.

Doktor Pavlov

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