Torix and Constantine

Brothers through Blood and in Arms

Our campaign follows the story of Torix and Constantine van Rijn, two brothers without a cause. They live in Eisenreich, the capital of the Empire of Man in the world of Fortuna. Their father was killed in a merchant feud when the brothers were just coming of age, and their mother succumbed to a vile sickness soon after. The grim turn of events left them only with each other.

 Since their loss, the brothers have used whatever means necessary to support and advance themselves, from collecting bounties to fighting in underground gladiatorial swashbuckling bouts. While they are not without scruples, they hold fast to their code of amorality in an immoral world.

 Without a mother, a father, or a purpose, the brothers have known little significance in their actions. They'll do whatever it takes to get the next reward. Their pursuits have stayed contained in the dank urban jungle of Eisenreich.

Now begins the end of that life.

O Fortuna, velut Luna

The world of Fortuna has been thoroughly explored and colonised by three major empires: The Empire of Man, the Empire of Elves, and the Empire of Dwarves. Since the end of a rapid and bloody scramble for land the three powers have been at a stalemate. While each of the three empires is allegedly ready to go to war with the other two at a moments notice, the governments have achieved a twisted peace through a three way treatise of mutually assured destruction.

In the meantime, trade between the nation's sattelite territories and colonies has prospered through a powerful black market economy. The flourishing criminal network is home to many strange characters who are bound to cross paths with Torix and Constantine eventually…

"It seems what left of my human side…"

After a while, it all came together. Who they were tied to, and what they were there for. Purpose found, a future in sight – the brothers were poised to take it all. But to what end, they would never know. They had been betrayed before. They had been cheated, lied to, manipulated, tortured, extorted into murder, and almost killed in an expanse of time almost too short to fathom. But this last betrayal, it was different. It was visceral. It could not be forgiven, but revenge is best served cold. So first they ran.

" slowly changing, in me."

 And upon return, the betrayal had yielded countless rewards for none other than the traitor himself. Bent on little but vengeance, the brothers van Rijn carved a bloody path, stirring up the lives of leaders as they went. In their frenzy the brothers almost lost their chance for revenge.

Instead, they abandoned their identities. Though they had been powerful for a long time, and no longer stood to be manipulated, they had a reputation they could not shake. Now, new names and a new past serve to bring the van Rijn's the revenge they desire.

Or do they?

Torix and Constantine

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