Torix and Constantine

Fighting Dirty

We only do it because we have to.

Torix, Constantine, and Jacques are surrounded by separatists outside the Hazy Barrel.

 "Meet us in the bushes over there," says the apparent leader. He has a sword and crossbow, as do most of the other angry looking elves.

"Do you want us to meet you in the bushes, or just, um,  our friend?" asks Constantine.

 "Alright, so you guys, obviously you're going to try and fight us… really though, I don't know if you are trying to scare us or if you're stupid enough to try and fight us, cause, I mean, you look it, but really, I'm kind of puzzled right here…" begins Torix.

"They look stupid enough?"

"Yeah well-"

"We don't really care about you guys, just step aside from Jacques and let us deal with him behind the bushes," says the leader most seriously.

The brothers burst out laughing, but no one else seems to think it's funny. A crowd is gathering, shouting things on both sides. Constantine makes a wisecrack, and the elves grab their weapons.

The brothers respond quickly.

"You wil not talk about me that way, or my name is not Aleman Vallejo! Get out of the way!" He charges in an attempt to get between the brothers and at Danesti.

Torix and Constantine smile. Torix grips his sword and gets ready to let Vallejo have it as soon as Constantine distracts him. Constantine dives back and tumbles around the elf, spinning him around. As he turns, Torix smashes him in the middle of the shoulder blades with both hands around the pommel of his sword, sending Vallejo to the ground with an incredible amount of force. Constantine kicks him in the face, flipping onto his back and knocking him out cold.

Jacques, the remaining separatists and the crowd are staring wide-eyed. Vallejo is bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth, so Torix wipes his face down and staunches the bleeding with a rag.

Constantine addresses the crowd. "Who the hell are you two?" says one of the separatists.

"Torix and Constantine van Rijn."

"You too ever fought in an arena?" someone in the crowd asks.


"Many times."

"You guys to talk to the people at the kiosk over by the stadium. You'd be good in the ring."

"Oh we will," says Constantine. Torix nods to him. "You guys should leave now unless you want to end up like uh, your boss here."

"Can we take him with us?"

"Go ahead-"

"Constantine!" interrupts Torix, "we have to take him back to the jailhouse!"

"Oh, right, okay, nevermind," he answers his brother, then turns back to the separatists. "No, you can't have him!" he points his crossbow at them as they approach.

The crowd disperses.



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