Prime Minister Ernesto DeGaulle

Prime Minister of the Elves


"I'm a very hands-on prime minister. I stab diplomats myself."


The brothers first found Ernesto deGaulle in a forest just outside the city of Quixote on Isla Este. He was drunk, depressed, and altogether a sad case. They would have never expected at first glance that he had formerly been a sharp-witted Prime Minister, brilliant strategist, and formidable fighter. It was only when they got involved with his fellow ex-parliamentarians that they learned of his full identity and reason for being on Quixote, and decided to put him back into power.

 DeGaulle had been Prime Minister of the elves at the time of the invasion of Alfenne by the forces of Kaiser Vincent Violet. While King Cassio and Queen Marie maintained that Artagnan would be fine and the human invasion was really unproblematic, DeGaulle and a few members of parliament strongly advocated rallying what remained of the elven military into an elite fighting force to oppose the humans. However, the king and queen turned the Palace Guard against the parliamentarians, and rather than fight back and potentially weaken Alfenne even further, the Prime Minister and several Parliamentarians fled to Quixote, the separatist city, where they hoped their anti-King views would be accepted.

They found instead that separatists adopted a cruel attitude toward the refugees, balking at their request for asylum only when an attack was imminent and support of the monarchy up until that point. At that point, DeGaulle, unable to bear the thought of the place he grew up being siezed by the Empire of Man, fled into the wilderness with as much alcohol as he could carry.

Fortunately the remaining parliamentarians had not given up and were able to relate all this to Torix and Constantine, then Captains of the Chasing Oblivion. The brothers decided that they could attempt to reinstall DeGaulle, having had experience deposing monarchs in the past. They could then use Artagnan, the capital city of the elves, as a rallying point from which they could launch an anti-Violet campaign. They got the former Prime Minister aboard the ship to sober up as they found a way to sail to Artagnan proper via an unused Aqueduct.

They quickly found that DeGaulle was a capable combatant when he aided them in attacking two human agents, Sergeants Roy Krantz and Guy Stern. The captains and the PM were able to interrogate and kill Krantz, but Stern escaped. They learned that the attack on Artagnan was imminent, which resulted in a slight change in plan. They would have to removed the monarchs with as few casualties as possible, to ensure that there would be enough elven military personnel left for them to mount an effective defense of Artagnan.

Using his unconvential rhetoric and convictions about Artagnan, DeGaulle was able to bring several parlimentarians under his cause. He introduced the brothers primarily as "monarch killing specialists," professionals whose work was engineering coups with minimal collateral damage.

Ultimately, however, the plan was destabilized by parliamentarian Enrico Brazzi and the trio had to improvise. DeGaulle raliied a crowd to provoke the palace guard as the brothers assassinated the monarchs. He hoped to minimize casualties to the guard but was forced to kill their Captain, Tio Ludovico.

Immediately after, DeGaulle assumed his role as Prime minister and commander in chief of Alfenne's remaining military. He coordinated the brothers and the forces of Colonel Franco DeFranco to combat the siege of Artagnan by Hommelish forces. He personally impaled Marius, messenger of Hommeland, with a spear to indicated his position on surrendering to Hommeland. Ultimately he led forces in several key charges against human artillery but was unable to stop the onslaught by conventional methods.

Almost hopeless, DeGaulle contrived a plot to capture the human General, Dominic Meyer. Torix and Constantine approved of this plan, especially because Meyer was an old enemy of Torix's. DeGaulle used his knowledge of military movement to get them to the central command of the assault, and the brothers engineered the surprise attack. After a protracted and tense standoff, the trio was able to walk back to DeGaulle's home with Meyer slung over Torix's right shoulder.

The damage to the human command chain forced them to reevaluate and concede Artagnan. As the humans retreated, the brothers decided that they would keep on their heels so they could keep tabs on them and get back to Eisenreich. DeGaulle said that he intended to negotiate with Violet, and that as long as a the brothers weren't a threat to his people, he was a friend to them.

Prime Minister Ernesto DeGaulle

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