Boss Cassius Kramer

Corrupt City Guard


Small World

A city guard for Eisenreich with a long history of illegal gambling though Isador St. John and opium abuse. He tends to be very curt with others.

He is with the party because they paid him for his assistance with half a bag of opium and a promise that they could clear him of his debts if he helped them and could easily get access to a free, steady supply if things went well.

So far he has helped by taking a full force blow to the face from a charging dire boar. Kramer, being at least as stubborn as the boar, proceeded to stand back up and charge the boar with his shield, showing it who was boss.

Exactly how much he intends to help the brothers remains unclear.


 What's Mine is Yours

Kramer tagged along with the brothers and followed them as he said he would to Delacroix and later to Boss Misha and the Red Metal Halflings. He did his best to not offend anyone, as he feared for his own life more than anything. When his end of the plan to assassinate Boss Misha did not go as planned, he freaked out and fell back on his opium addiction. His addiction led him to Misha's new opium field, and rendered him useless in the plan. When the attempt failed, Torix and Constantine were imprisoned and Kramer was still with Boss Misha in his headquarters. That was the last place the brothers saw him. His whereabouts are unknown, although the brothers try to keep tabs by asking new people they meet such as Mr. Bardeaux about Kramer. They hope to hunt Kramer down. Whether he is treasonous or simply incompetent, they do not know. After all their time out at sea and running around in elf territory they were finally able to learn what happened to Kramer from Sly Eddy. From what they heard, Kramer had taken up Boss Misha's title and moved to the city of Du Noir, which he renamed New Kaspargrad. Boss Kramer was one of the local opium lords, and TnC intended to put an end to his lordship.

Arbiters of the Board

Torix, Constantine, and Mara saw Kramer once again when the infiltrated the Board of Osk as diplomats from Kallipolis. Before they went to the meeting, they got a brief psych profile on him from Doktor Pavlov. Kramer had changed much since they had last saw him, as he had freed himself from his opium addiction. He was very much at odds with Boss Misha, who was still trying to reclaim the opium industry from him. While at the Board meeting, Kramer wielded his power as one of "the five" skillfully, and managed to silence the human ambassador to the Board. Torix could tell that Kramer didn't like Violet's style, so he fed off Kramer's comments and managed to spur the Board into voting to address Violet on the issue of mutual respect. After the meeting, the three "diplomats" talked to Kramer and got him to agree to meet with them privately. Before the private meeting, Kramer wanted to have a word with Misha in the Red Cafe, so they joined him. Kramer was tired of Misha talking down to him, so he threatened him. Since Torix, Constantine, and Mara had just been named Arbiters of the Board, they resolved the situation peacefully with Kramer forcing the respect out of Misha. Verbally.

What's your's is mine

When Torix and Constantine (along with Mara), met up with Kramer after the board meeting they tried to make him like them better with the intent of turning him completely against Violet. Kramer was unimpressed by their attempts, and instead asked them to locate the Red Dwarf, and get him to reveal himself to the Board. They accepted the assignment and managed to meet with the Red Dwarf in person. After the second meeting of the board, they stopped Kramer under the inference that he was going back to the Zonne to try to help who he thought were Torix and Constantine. The brothers and Mara revealed their true identities to him, and were surprised by his reaction. He was pleased to see them, and they walked and talked back to Kramer's hotel. He apologized for the incident at Kaspargrad, and they forgave him seeing as how he was about to go to the Zonne to help their cause. Torix and Constantine explained that the Torix and Constantine in the Zonne were two of their friends who were taking the heat while they visited the Dwarves. Kramer still volunteered his help, because he "had people" who were very capable. After a more detailed conversation, Kramer agreed to send some of his people out to Eisenreich to gather information on Violet and to keep an eye out for the Man in Gray. They parted ways.

Boss Cassius Kramer

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