Torix and Constantine

High and Dry

Turning over a new leaf.

The brothers return from their trip around the world to learn that now-Kaiser Vincent Violet has invaded the elven Empire. On the elven separatist island of Quixote they meet exiled parliamentarians and surly criminals at odds with one another. As usual, Torix and Constantine seek opportunity in conflict.

On the FMS the crew and co-captains Torix and Constantine van Rijn practice piracy on ships as they proceed past the sea of storms into unknown territory.
They came upon islands that were previously undiscovered. The inhabitants of the islands were beast-like savages with scales and fur. They killed some and reached understandings with others. After staying there and adding the new islands to Meursault’s charts they left and continued through the sea of torrents. By the time they saw the edge of the Isles De Este it had been a good six months of piracy and exploration at sea.



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